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About Leanne Dubray

I am the hands behind kerAMikk functional pottery. My passion for ceramics began many years ago. My dreams became reality when I inherited my Grandmother, Ruby’s, Kick wheel. Today, I am a full-time potter and mother of two fabulous children. My studio is based out of Calgary, AB. 


The name Keramikk,  is Norwegian for pottery or ceramics. 


Passed down through the generations, having my hands in the clay is inherently who I am. When you hold one of my mugs, you are holding a piece of my heart. Just as when I bake in my grandmother’s pottery dish, I am sharing a meal with her. 

Combining modern minimalism with traditional ceramic foundations, I create vessels that are pleasurable and invoke a sense of calm. My hope is to offer people the joy of having handmade, local pieces for everyday use that they too can use for generations.